Idea & Brand Manifestos 

For the CRIT USA pitch we developed campaign ideas that not only presented the brands unique identity to a new American audience, but messages that aimed to focus on our very specific goal, to grow a donor community supporting CRIT's expanision program.

Playing on the "It Takes a Village" quote a second campaign levered the consumers sense of responsability by conveting the message that "It takes all of us to do great things." 

The Taylor West video was created and scripted to bring to life the brand's culture and identity in an engaging way leveraging current positioning and assets. 


Mantra video created for the internal Western Union launch of the campaign Rooting for Success

- Apoyando a Los Nuestros. 

Mantra video created to bring to life the campaign "Lazos Que Perduran", which launched the

Susan G. Komen brand into the Latino market.